VOLUMES is a global innovation laboratory committed to supporting the emergence of local ecosystems for positive impact through research, consulting and training in the fields of social innovation, circular economy, sustainable food and digital fabrication.

Started in 2015 as the first prototype of a Creative and Productive Hub in Paris (volumesparis.org), Volumes has hosted some of the most vibrant communities of the Parisian social innovation scene and powered a number of initiatives that grew into independent organizations, including the first Foodlab in Europe, a Makerspace, the Fab City Grand Paris initiative and the cooperative Oasis 21.

Volumes is involved in several research projects and runs a number of educational programs while providing support and consulting to different public and private organizations in France and throughout Europe.

Research consortium meeting in Volumes Lab (Paris). Photos by Quentin Chevrier.


Volumes research projects cover a number of transdisciplinary topics, including digital fabrication, sustainable food design, circular economy, heritage, social innovation, urban and rural development.

Among other projects, Volumes has developed a startup studio for the construction industry in the context of the Reflow project on circular economy, and it is leading the creation of a network of Fab City Hubs in 9 European cities within the Centrinno project.


Volumes is advising real estate developers, architects, public institutions and citizen collectives bringing social and technological innovation through community building, civic design and creative placemaking.

Clients include BNP Paribas Real Estate, Linkcity, Icade, Pichet and Lamotte.


Volumes is constantly experimenting with new topics and new skills, exploring the edges of technology and social innovation. Based on these experiments, educational programs and professional training are crafted and tailored to different audiences.

Among other training programs, Volumes is currently leading Resiliences Productives, a program to train young unemployed citizens on the future of work by providing both soft and technical skills.

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