If you have symptoms (such as fever, fever sensation, cough, breathing difficulties), play it safe and do not risk infecting other people, do not fabricate face shields ! Stay at home and do not interact with others.

Together with a lot of other Fab Labs and third places, we at Volumes are also racing against time to help medical staff and the most-at-risks populations to protect themselves from the virus.
In the Volumes Makerspace, 3D WASP printers are running full time to produce protective shields based on design coming from the international community of makers. Due to the exponential demand of the hospitals, in addition the the plastic wire shortage and the fabrication time of 3d printed shields (45 mins each face shield) we already reached the limits of our manufacturing capacities a few days ago. That is why, we have developed a new design based on laser-cutting.

“Manufacturing time is 50 time quicker and we obtain a better user experience thanks to the flexibility of the PET used.” — says Aruna, designer of the FOLDED face shield at Volumes.

Assembly is done in a flash thanks to a simple folding that holds the protective rhodoïd sheet firmly without any mechanical assembly or gluing.

With only one machine, we are able to produce 1500 visors perday and 30 seconds are enough to assemble a unit. This new model is suitable for large scale production and may be rapidly deployed in any makerspaces equipped with laser-cutting.

“This crisis is for us the opportunity to put into practice what we’ve been working on for years: distributed manufacturing. Globally what’s happening right now demonstrates the potential of our productive hubs, as well as the relevance of networks like Fab City Grand Paris and the Réseau Français des Fab Lab.” — says Michael from Volumes Makerspace

The urgency is here. Help us spread our FOLDED design so that as many makerspaces and manufacturers take over and we can process the needed volumes at a national level and beyond.
Files to manufacture and assemble FOLDED are downloadable here, feel free to share them for maximum impact.

Ifyou or your institution need masks, visors or other medical equipment, please fill out this form (in French). Due to many sollicitations, we are not able to respond to all requests.

How to assembly a Folded Face Shield.
First day of production at Volumes.