March 2nd, Volumes is launching the second edition of Fab City Hub Voices webinar series. For its first episode, meet Vincent Guimas, co-founder of Fab City Grand Paris.

The Volumes team on the construction site of a brand new hub: Fab City Hub Paris, opening in 2022

Starting from the 2nd of March, every two months, Volumes will be in conversation with one of the 9 European pilot cities that have embarked on a collective adventure, the CENTRINNNO European Project. Together we will explore, implement and support the emergence of a new type of hub, the Fab City Hubs, as testbeds for sustainable manufacturing in urban environments.

Building upon the Fab City Global Initiative, a global challenge to sustain a network of cities to a transition towards productive and regenerative economies, CENTRINNO is a four-year research project that focuses on underused industrial historical sites. It showcases the potential of these areas to become part of a new industrial revolution that puts citizens at the core of a sustainable transformation.

As an activator of positive impact ecosystems, Volumes accepted the mission, within this European project, to sustain the emergence of these innovative hubs, by documenting the ongoing process as well as testing methodologies, tools and approaches to this end.

Fab City Hub Voices: hearing the journey of innovators throughout Europe

The Fab City Hub Voices webinar series aims to understand and document challenges and opportunities these innovative typologies open up for local innovation ecosystems.

The first edition invited some of the most inspiring European creative and productive hubs of the last 15 years , such as Fab Lab Barcelona (ES), Lottozero (IT) and Media Lab Prado (ES). While they talked retrospectively about of their own experience, this second edition will enquire about and document a process in the making.

For one year on, Paris, Milan, Tallinn, Blonduos, to name only a few of the 9 Centrinno’s pilot cities, have been testing local and innovative approaches to activate their Fab City Hubs, each of them dealing with their local specificities. Through their voices, we aim to shed light on the difficulties, and the opportunities they are encountering as well as to share with a larger public the innovative solutions each city is testing in their local ecosystems along 5 main lines of works: Circular Economy, Social Inclusion, Vocational Training, Heritage and Innovation Space.

Volumes, taking as starting points its previous research works, the Creative and Productive Hub Journal, a benchmark analysis on Creative and Productive Hubs across Europe, and the 10 principles for Fab City Hubs, will draw on these webinars to collectively improve the understanding of what a Fab City Hub is, how it could be implemented and what are the multiple forms they could take in different local environments for further a replication outside of Centrinno.

The start of a brand new hub in Paris

1000m2 of space for innovation for the new Fab City Hub Paris

The 2nd of March we will start with Vincent Guimas, ambassador of the Fab City Global Initiative in Paris, co-founder of the Fab City Grand Paris association and project coordinator of the Parisian Pilot.

Fab City Grand Paris is also a network of creators, makers, designers, architects, urban farmers, and innovators, engaged in the rise of the circular and collaborative economy in the Paris area.

Vincent, within the CENTRINNO project, will tell us about the challenges they faced during this first year of project, the lessons they learned and what are the future challenges they will take on with the opening of the Fab City Hub Paris. With 1000 m2 in the center of Paris, this space aims to be a catalyser and facilitator of interactions and connections among different city-wide communities and local authorities while tackling the challenges of the ecological transition, new consumption and production models.

The 2nd of March, save the date on your calendar and subscribe to the event at this link.

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