Local Ecosystems for Positive Change.

In search of words for alternative economies in the making.

Volumes podcast currently has two different shows: It Speaks Volumes and Fab City Hub Voices.

It Speaks Volumes

Domenico Di Siena speaks with creators and users of creative and productive hubs, fablabs, coworking spaces, collaborative farms or hybrid art and craft centers throughout Europe...

Thinkers and makers, from big cities to rural areas, people who are working hard to propose ethical and sustainable alternatives for many aspects of our lives. The way we work, travel, eat, shop, and the economies behind them, are being reinvented everyday.

Through this podcast -and with the help of our guests- we are exploring these alternative ecosystems.

Fab City Hub Voices

This podcast aims to highlight the difficulties and the challenges faced by the promoters of Creative and Productive Hubs, but also the opportunities that these initiatives represent for the local ecosystems to foster circular economy, social inclusion, vocational training and heritage.

This program is produced by Volumes within the European Project CENTRINNO